Rythmo Band, ADR tools and Video in sync with a DAW


mosaic studio provides you with all the tools complementary to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), ensuring the success of your ADR, Dubbing, Voice Over, Audio Description and Foley projects. Based on the project created by an adapter, obtain a ready-to-use rythmo band that can be synchronized to a DAW in accordance with various solutions (Avid Satellite Link, Midi Timecode, SMPTE Timecode or 9-pin Remote Control). ADR tools are available for actors who prefer to view streamers, punches and static texts. For your Foley projects, use a rythmo band with marks and a vignette with a pre-delay.



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Multilingual support
Mosaic Studio supports any language, thanks to the native use of Unicode. The rythmo band’s reading direction can be reversed for languages written from right to left, such as Arabic or Hebrew.
Netflix TTAL Format Support
Easily import and export a file in Netflix TTAL format. TTAL is a format specification developed by Netflix to simplify Dubbing and Audio Description workflows. It can include original dialogue from a movie, adaptation or audio description in 37 languages, as well as all the positioning time-codes.
Automatic creation of an initial rythmo band
For ADR, Dubbing, Voice Over and Audio Description, start a project without delay by importing a file in Netflix TTAL format or a file containing the list of cues with time codes. Importing enables you to create a project including the list of characters and an initial rythmo band including automatic placement of cues.
Editing and Synchronization of text with image
Mosaic Studio enables you to enter or modify the text. Voice rate is perfectly controlled thanks to use of synchronization points that you place on the text’s letters with tenth-frame precision.
Writing in Projection mode (full-screen)
During a recording session, you can modify the text without exiting Projection mode.
Export of working documents
Export the various working documents (croisille, script, lineage, cue list) in Excel (xls, xlsx), Word (doc, docx) and PDF formats.
ADR tools
Actors can view Streamers, Punches and static texts with progress bar. These tools can be used instead of or as a complement to the rythmo band.
DAW Synchronization
Mosaic Studio has several synchronization solutions. It can be synchronized by reading a Midi Timecode (MTC) or a SMPTE Timecode (LTC). You can also control it using a 9-pin connection (RS-422) and a clock. Avid Satellite Link synchronization is also available.





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