Writing audio description texts


mosaic audiodescription brings together all the tools needed to write audio description texts in a single product. Based on a video, write the audio description in the language of your choice using rythmo band technology. The audio waveform display allows you to view the parts without speech and so place the text correctly. Once your writing work is done, send the project to the studio for the voice recording.



  • 1-english_dubbing
  • 2-english_dubbing_edit
  • 3-english_dubbing_proj
  • 4-arabic_dubbing_edit
  • 5-arabic_dubbing_proj
  • 6-audiodescription




Writing and Multilingual support
Mosaic Audiodescription supports any audio description writing language, thanks to the native use of Unicode. The rythmo band’s reading direction can be reversed for languages written from right to left, such as Arabic or Hebrew.
Netflix TTAL Format Support
Easily export a file in Netflix TTAL format. TTAL is a format specification developed by Netflix to simplify Dubbing and Audio Description workflows. It can include the audio description text in 37 languages, as well as all the positioning timecodes.
Enjoy all the benefits of a real Conforming tool* with a bin, enabling you to cut, copy and move scenes easily when you receive a new version of the movie.
* Conforming tool optional for perpetual licenses, included for rental licenses.
Export of working documents
Export the various working documents (script, text list) in Excel (xls, xlsx), Word (doc, docx) and PDF formats.





mosaic audiodescription


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