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mosaic is used by leading audio post production studios to dub films and TV series. The software of reference for dubbing based on digital rythmo band technology, mosaic will provide quality results while enhancing productivity for all your projects. It will give you all the necessary tools from text creation to voice recording.


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The Digital Rythmo Band enables synchronization of a scrolling text with the characters’ lip movements in a movie. Thanks to this technology, the actor’s voice is perfectly synchronized with the image during recording. Dubbing sessions are faster and lip-sync quality is higher than with classic ADR Tools.




Multilingual support
Mosaic supports any language, thanks to the native use of Unicode. The rythmo band’s reading direction can be reversed for languages written from right to left, such as Arabic or Hebrew.
Netflix TTAL Format Support
Easily import and export a file in Netflix TTAL format. TTAL is a format specification developed by Netflix to simplify Dubbing and Audio Description workflows. It can include original dialogue from a movie, adaptation in 37 languages, as well as all the positioning timecodes.
Automatic creation of an initial rythmo band
For Dubbing, ADR, Voice Over and Audio Description, start a project without delay by importing a file in Netflix TTAL format or a file containing the list of cues with timecodes. Importing enables you to create a project including the list of characters and an initial rythmo band including automatic placement of cues.
Synchronization of text with image
Mosaic gives you all the freedom you need to synchronize text with characters’ lip movements. Voice rate is perfectly controlled thanks to use of synchronization points that you place on the text’s letters with tenth-frame precision.
Multi-user collaboration
With the Mosaic project import tool, assemble and merge work from multiple users. It enables real collaboration between several users and so reduces deadlines on urgent projects.
Conforming and Version management tools
Enjoy all the benefits of a real Conforming tool* with a bin, enabling you to cut, copy and move scenes easily when you receive a new version of the movie. A Version management tool enables you to view the changes after each conformation thanks to automatic highlighting. You can export working documents of changes relating to each version, so making new studio recordings easier.
* Conforming tool optional for perpetual licenses, included for rental licenses.
Export of working documents
Export the various working documents (croisille, script, lineage, cue list) in Excel (xls, xlsx), Word (doc, docx) and PDF formats.
ADR tools
Mosaic includes classic ADR tools. Actors can view Streamers, Punches and static texts with progress bar. These tools can be used instead of the rythmo band, including activities such as voice over, audio description or localization of video games, which don't require lip-sync.
DAW Synchronization
Mosaic has several synchronization solutions. It can be synchronized using the Avid Satellite Link solution or by reading a Midi Timecode (MTC) or a SMPTE Timecode (LTC). You can also control it using a 9-pin connection (RS-422) and a clock.



mosaic is available in three products.



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