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Flexible Rental Request


If you have already rented Mosaic, log in to your customer area and then use the menu "PURCHASE / Shop".


Otherwise please fill in the form below so that we can create a customer area for you. It will allow you to download Mosaic 2 and access the online rental shop 24/7. As the shop is automated, obtaining the rented license is immediate for each online order.


For your first rental, if you do not already have a Mosaic Dongle, please specify it in the form so that we can give you a quote for its purchase. The Mosaic Dongle is essential to store a Mosaic license regardless of the purchase option (rental, subscription, final purchase). You have the choice between a Soft Dongle and a USB Dongle.


(1) If you aready have a Mosaic Dongle, please provide the Key ID in the Additional Information field at the bottom
Invoice Information
Delivery Information (for USB Dongle only, if different from the Invoice Information)
You have the possibility to send us a message with your request by filling in the text box below:
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