Lip-sync solution for quality Dubbing and ADR in any language

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Mosaic 2 is available in five products. Each of them has features and tools dedicated to a stage of the workflow.

  • Mosaic Detection to detect and conform in dubbing and ADR (post-sync),
  • Mosaic Adaptation for writing dubbing and voice over texts,
  • Mosaic AD to write audio description texts,
  • Mosaic Record to record voices autonomously without DAW,
  • Mosaic Studio to record voices in sync with a DAW.


If you do not already have a Mosaic Dongle, please specify it in the form so that we can add it to the quote. The Mosaic Dongle is essential to store a Mosaic license regardless of the purchase option (rental, subscription, final purchase). You have the choice between a Soft Dongle and a USB Dongle.


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