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 Noblurway Mosaic software for Voice-over  The Solution


To make a voice-over, the translation of each line should be adapted to cover exactly the original voice. That is to say that the beginning and the end of each adapted line must exactly line up with those of the original version. Noblurway Mosaic provides you a software solution to quickly and easily achieve this through the use of tools based on the rythmo band.


Solution for Voice-over


The principle is to make the text of comments scrolling along with the movie image. A vertical and motionless red line, is superimposed on the scrolling text to indicate the position associated with the currently played image. The display of the audio waveform allows to precisely locate the beginning and the end of each original line. The adapted text is placed between these two marks to occupy all the available space. As the duration is fixed, the flow of the voice increases with the number of entered words. This principle guarantees an exact cover of the original voice.