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The different versions of the Dubbing/Post-sync module

To meet the needs of each, Noblurway Mosaic is available in five versions:

  • Detection Version for detectors: it has all the functionality to do a detection.
  • Adaptation Version for adaptators: it allows to adapt an original version from the work done by a detector (this version does not allow to do detection).
  • Duo Version for adaptators that detect themselves: it combines the two versions Detection and Adaptation.
  • Projection Version for studios: it allows to project the digital rythmo band and video with a slave servomechanism.
  • Studio Version: it combines the functionality of three versions Detection, Adaptation and Projection.

The following table is a summary of the main features associated with the different versions of the Dubbing / Post sync module:







Placement of detection signs



Assisted placement of the original version text



Work grid and Original Version script export



Editing and formatting of the adaptation text



Toolbox for adaptation



Adaptation script and lineage export



Synchronization (RS-422 and LTC sync in option)


Full screen display (video and rythmo)


Toolbox for projection