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Detection of the original text



Noblurway Mosaic allows to directly place, on the rythmo band, the text of script dialogues of the movie in original version, without having to enter it. A tool is then used to position quickly and precisely key-letters on the corresponding images so that the reading of the text is perfectly synchronous with the scrolling of images. The digital rythmo band obtained can be used as part of a voice post-sync or be used as a starting point for a translation with adaptation of words for dubbing.



For dubbing, it is possible to place detection signs on the rythmo band, these signs indicate key frames where the choice of words must respect lips movements. For example, there are signs which indicate the beginning or the end of a sentence, a lip, a semi-lip, rounded lips...


Example of Detection with Noblurway Mosaic



Once your detection finished, Noblurway Mosaic allows to generate the work grid in the case of dubbing, it allows to generate the original text script placed on the rythmo band in the case of a post-sync. The work grid indicates the presence or not of a character in each sequence (loop) of the movie and it is particularly used to optimize the time of actors in the recording studio.