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Recording in studio



During recording sessions, the video is displayed in full-screen with comments scrolling in the form of a digital rythmo band. Sessions are faster than those which are done with conventional methods based on the reading of a paper script of comments. Indeed, with the audio-description module, the voice flow of each comment is checked and adjusted by the audio-descriptor at the moment of the writing, which guarantees to the actor the fact of being able to read the comment in the allocated time. To save time, there is a command allowing to move directly to the next comment *.


User interface of audio-description module during recording in studio
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In order to make easier the integration of Noblurway Mosaic in a studio, it can be synchronized in two ways: 1) using the RS-422 protocol or 2) using a LTC signal (chase timecode). In both cases, Noblurway Mosaic is slave to another machine. In the RS-422, the use of a USB422V CB Electronics interface with input video reference guarantees a very accurate synchronization.

*This feature is only available in case of RS-422 synchronization