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The writing of comments



Comments are entered on a scrolling text track as a digital rythmo band. The text is placed directly on the current image and can be stretched to take up the available space. In case of comments for two voices (man and woman), it is possible to add a second text track to the project for the writing of comments of the second voice. Unlike methods using a paper script, it is not necessary to note the timecode of the comment, it is automatically assigned when entering text.


Writing of audio-description in Noblurway Mosaic



The work is easier thanks to the visualization of an audio waveform which allows to identify more quickly  possible areas of writing (no dialogue, noise, music). Moreover, an additional text track is available in order to write notes such as information regarding the performance of the actor.



It is possible to export, in a document, the text of the comments with timecodes and notes of writing.