General presentation of Noblurway Mosaic

Noblurway Mosaic ® software for dubbing, post-sync, voice-over, audio-description and foley


Noblurway Mosaic is an innovating software solution allowing to realize dubbing, post-sync, voice-over, audio-description and foley for movies, TV films, series, videos, ... Its patented interface, based on the principle of Rythmo band allows to synchronize the scrolling text (dialogues, comments) or marks with the reading of an image. Through this process, the voice actor remains synchronous with the image much longer and accurately than with other solutions such as video streamer (wipes, beeps, punches) used as commonly for ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement). Noblurway Mosaic finally allows to reduce the time spent in recording while improving the accuracy and quality of the result.


Noblurway Mosaic includes two modules:

  1. A module for dubbing and post-sync of dialogues with an option for foley.
  2. A module for audio-description and voice-over with two voices.

Both modules are available in several Version: Full version or associated version with a work profile: detection, adaptation, writing, recording in studio (projection)…

Noblurway Mosaic on computer


Noblurway Mosaic allows to synchronize recordings with most of the market stations (Pro Tools, Pyramix, Nuendo, etc..) by using a RS-422 or chase Time-code (LTC) sync.