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The VisioSonis company, specialised in services for post-production and dubbing companies, offers in partnership with Noblurway an innovative service of dialogue extraction and analysis from scripts of movies, TV series or annimations, fast and easy to use, to improve audiovisual dubbing projects and post-production activities.

The service of VisioSonis avoids the cleaning and layout change processes of original script files (they can exceed hundred pages).

The result report, sent by VisioSonis allows audiovisual professionals to know the number of dubbing actors needed and the overall cost, to prepare dubbing project quotations.

Companies that regularly use the service of VisioSonis have realized that its price greatly reduces cost in time and resources they would need to spend to perform the equivalent processes in-house (cleaning the comments and other useless information from the script, change the file format, search all dialogs, characters or roles, grouping replicas for each character, counting, checking the result quality, etc.)

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